We are Shreeya & Prisha Patel

Two Sisters, One Passion

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What We Do


Not only do we write Children's books, but we also create educational materials for a wide range of topics! We love using our creativity to help others and teach new subjects.


Digitally transcribing and transforming is our second nature. Born artists, we use multiple types of software to create illustrations for our books and education materials that make learning enjoyable!


Editing and making amends to our work in order to satisfy all of our customers is a key feature of our services. We value teaching and make it personal for the individuals purchasing our books and materials.

Our Books

Who We Are

Children Book Authors and Illustrators

Shreeya and Prisha Patel are both very hard-working and dedicated sisters. They are passionate about using their creativity to teach young children. As avid volunteers for a day-home and library reading programs, the Patel sisters have found great bliss in working with children. As a way to give back to their community, they have created the Alpha Learning Series of children's books.

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Our Books

The Alpha Learning Series

The Rhyming Alpha Learning Series is a 26-Book series that introduces various topics and fields to children so that they can explore. This series begins with Andy's Airplane and ends with Zara's Zipper. Each book has a fun, rhyming plot that effectively delivers information to a child. Alongside each reader is a character and a friend, who helps bridge curiosity and knowledge. Each book was inspired by a question asked by a curious child, playing and learning in our day-home. We wanted to create the Rhyming Alpha Learning Series to tackle the world from A-Z from a child's point of view.